A Family Remembers Their Child Through the Creation of Bea's Garden

This spring, a very special place is making its home at the library- Bea's Garden. The new space in the library's Prairie Patch includes a bee habitat, an observatory to watch the bees working, an insect hotel, and pollinator plants to attract butterflies. 

Bea's Garden will be created through a generous donation from the Lawrence family in loving memory of Beatrix, daughter of Noah and Megan and the sister of Clio and Alexis.
Alexis and Beatrix, twins, were born prematurely, and Bea's lungs never fully matured. When she developed an infection shortly after her first birthday, she couldn't recover and passed away at 13–months–old on October 19, 2018.

While she was only on Earth for a short time, Beatrix loved coming to the library with her family—in fact, it was the first place she visited other than her home, the hospital, or a doctor's office. She adored the staff in Kids & Teens—and they adored her as well.
Because the library is one of the Lawrence family's favorite places, the family wanted to honor her memory at the library through Bea's Garden. The family has strong community ties. They share their story in order to connect and encourage others.

In the eulogy Noah composed for his daughter, he wrote: "One of the greatest gifts Beatrix gave our family was to bring into our lives, on a more intimate level, so many amazing people, and to help us see more clearly depths of compassion and reservoirs of love in others who we'd already known…. Together, we will keep Bea's memory alive, and all of us will be changed for the better from knowing her." 

Bea's Garden Dedication: You're Invited
Sunday, May 19, 2–4 p.m. 

It's the grand opening of the Prairie Patch's newest addition—an insect garden. Celebrate with live music, art activities, and refreshments in memory of Bea. 

Thank you, donors!
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