Delivery brings the library home

Reading is an escape for longtime IPPL cardholder Jura Jancys of Darien. As a caregiver to her 97-year-old mother, however, Jancys can't leave the house very often, which makes trips to the library a challenge for her. That's where IPPL's homebound delivery service comes into play. Jancys read about the program in an IPPL newsletter and signed up right away. The library offers personalized delivery of library materials for those who qualify for homebound service due to an illness or disability and to their caregivers. Bi-weekly deliveries are made on Saturdays by volunteers from Interfaith Community Partners.

"The homebound delivery service is a real lifesaver for me," she said. "I can't leave my mother alone. To find out I could get books delivered through the homebound service, it's just wonderful. It takes the stress away." Like Jancys, Helene Kodis has a difficult time getting to the library, though she lives within two miles of it. Legally blind, Kodis, a longtime IPPL cardholder from Darien, was walking 30 minutes each way to pick up and return her books.

On one of her visits, she asked at the Guest Services Desk if there was a way to have her books delivered to her home. She was directed to the homebound delivery service and has been using it ever since. "I didn't know it was so well organized," she said. "I'm very impressed with the service.

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