Enjoy sunny summer days in the Gardens at IPPL

 Established in 2015, the Prairie Patch, has provided learning and exploration for youth as kids and teens explored the science behind gardening each summer while growing fruits and vegetables that were donated to food pantries. A generous donation from Dhiren and Kailas Sanghani, in memory of their son Keshav, will provide upgrades to the area. New raised beds and additional garden furniture and activities will be added to enhance the outdoor classroom and provide a place of relaxation and beauty.

 Remembering Keshav Sanghani

Keshav Sanghani was an aficionado of fruits and vegetables, eating them like children eat candy. Keshav and his mom were regular visitors to the library with trips frequently ending with a bowl of fruit as his mom read a book to him.

When the Sanghanis heard about the Prairie Patch, they felt there was no better way to remember Keshav—a compassionate, wonderful, caring, and intelligent human, who they lost in 2019—than to sponsor the garden in his memory.

While strawberries and peaches were his absolute favorite, cherries, oranges, grapes, and melons were not far behind. He enjoyed zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, and more, marveling at the unique features and flavors of different vegetables.

As a descendent of generations of farmers, Keshav was passionate about everything that went into growing produce. He visited farms and learned how vegetables grew, his fascination persisting through high school and college.

He had a profound appreciation for small businesses, farmer's markets, and community gardens.

"It spoke to his awareness and compassion, seeing the worth in people and the earth in ways most of us don't," said his parents, Dhiren and Kailas Sanghani.

His family fondly remembers how Keshav would run to the door when his mother came home with groceries and help her unload the car. He would unpack the bags and help to carefully clean the produce, eager to see what fruits and vegetables would be included in meals, and help to clean them.

"We miss him dearly when we come home with groceries now—we half expect to see him burst out the garage door to start unloading the car," said his parents. "Keshav was a remarkable young man. Perhaps, when you take a stroll in the garden, our precious memories of Keshav will bring a smile to your face."

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Thank you, donors
Thank you, donors