Thank you, donors!

Your donation to the IPPL Foundation & Friends makes it possible for us to be a vital part of our community. Thank you to those who recently donated to the library.

Anonymous, $1,000

Anonymous, $500

Karen Nelson $500

Jackie Streid, $250

Patricia Vastalo, $250
In memory of Michael P. Vastalo

Rebecca & Ashley Kerschen, $230

Steven Szafranski, $200

Joe & Lisa Sullivan, $150
In honor of Michael Tatum

Dana & Gail Lawrence, $150
In memory of Cynthia Mitchell

Dr. Vasant Kale, $150
In memory of Agnes Kale

Sarah Turek, $150
For Tumnus "Leetle Kraken"

Dennis Augustine, $150
In memory of Kerry John Morrissey

Cristina Drynan, $150
In loving memory of Marion Creery

Ann Harris, $150

Darien Garden Club, $150

Anthony Gricus, $100

Linda Templin, $100

Mary Ann Toljanic, $75

Beth Madura, $75
In memory of Eleanore Zwolinski. "Canasta Queen"

Ellen Bovard, $75
In memory of Ed Bovard

Rachel Hunnewell, $75

Andrew, Kelly, & Weston Hitchman, $75

Jennifer Izzo, $75

Laura Perez, $75

Tony Allitto, $75

The Talamonti & Nield Families, $75

Teresa Skorusa, $75

Firdaus Saleh, $75

Sarah Torres, $75

Beverly Moor, $50

Christine Delia, $50

CAF America, $50

Matching Ben Gittleson

Hui Zhu, $50

Matched by Delta Dental $25

JoAnn, Jim, Jr., & Jeffery Fiolka, $28
In memory of Jenny

Lisa Berg, $25

Doreen Thomas, $25

Daniel Paul Dennison, $20

Linda Temmer Garcia, $20

Patti Sommers, $8.25

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