Thank you to all who contributed. Your support makes a difference!


2017 Donations

Library Donations:

Anonymous donation $55.00
In memory of William "Billy" Marchetti
     Book donation from Karin Hadley
     Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime
Countryside Bank $500.00
Julia Maszota $10.00
Donation of a Harry Potter Sorting Hat and Cloak
     Irene DiVenere

 Foundation Donations:

Amazon Smile Shoppers $113.09
In memory of Daniel J. Diaz
     J. Diaz Family $75.00
Tom & Jane Both $100.00
In memory of Marie Sadowski
     Joseph Sadowski $800.00
     Maria L. Sadowski $1,800.00
William McAlaine $1,000.00
In memory of Elizabeth Nelson
     Christy Turner $100.00
     Stefanie Chorak $50.00
     Marlene Weigel $50.00
     Karen Nelson $1,000.00
     William & Nan Jean Tessendorf $100.00
     AIG Compliance and GLCR Leadership $750.00
     Michael Nelson $300.00
Darien Garden Club $250.00
Mary Travis $75.00
In memory of Fred Bone
     Mary Pat Bone $75.00
In memory of Edwin J. Olsen, Jr.
     Laura Huff $75.00
     Patti and Matt Billings, The Moeda Board $20.00
For use by Teen Advisory Board
     Hinsdale South Investment Club $300.00
Walter Schillinger $50.00
Joseph Sadowski $382.83
Darien Woman's Club $1131.00