Families and friends have made donations in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone special in their life.

In memory of Barb Barder

  • Vuillaume Family

Friends & Family of Barb Barder

  • George & Denise Macropulos

In memory of Lynn Dvorak

  • Lynn Dvorak‚Äôs Bridge Friends

In memory of Absalon Torres

  • Anonymous

In memory of Bea Lawrence

  • Elizabeth Lawrence

In memory of Sue Windsor

  • Carrington Club Friends

In memory of my husband

  • Hemlata Joshi

In memory of Ammy Amun Ahmed

  • Maria Khattak

In memory of Helen N.

  • Jimmy Nge

In memory of Rose Pilipowski

  • Jennine Moorman

In honor of Helen Chan

  • Judy Miller

In honor of Judy Miller

  • Carol & Ken Poindexter

In memory of Bradley Huebsch

  • Jeffrey Huebsch

In honor of the Bervens wedding

  • Hannah Fisher

In honor of Alina

  • Barb & Peter Allard
  • Jamie Allard & Theo Vidito

In memory of Marion Kopriva

  • Judy Kopriva

In memory of Larry Schaer

  • Caryl Schaer

In memory of Charles Labate

  • Adgie Labate

In memory of my parents

  • PJ Welsch

In memory of Diane Soukup Azeling

  • Dan, Mike, Scot, & David

In loving memory of Antoinette Lazzara

  • Angelo Lazzara & family

In honor of Helen Chan's birthday

  • Carol & Ken Poindexter

In loving memory of Keshav Sanghani

  • Dhiren & Kailas Sanghani

In loving memory of Jo Marie Ostrowski

  • Ira & Loretta Bresof
  • Maria Harvey
  • Frank & Mary Rotella
  • George & Jerry Toth
  • Karen & Richard Korbas
  • IPPL Book Club
  • Jacqueline Ostrowski

In memory of Kondapalli Sita Mahalakshmi

  • Sunil Kondapalli

In loving memory of Elmer Both Jr.

  • Louis Both & family

In memory of Kerry John Morrissey

  • Dennis Augustine

In loving memory of Betty Benson

  • Eleanor Robson
  • Mary Malone
  • Antoinette Kennedy

In loving memory of Cynthia Mitchell

  • Gail Lawrence

In memory of Eleanore Zwolinski

  • Friday Canasta Club

In memory of Ruth Purcell

  • Donna Gabanski

In loving memory of Michael Tatum

  • Benjamin Gittleson
  • Cassidy Williams
  • Eli Watkins
  • Jamison Smith "In honor of Michael Tatum, the father of my friend Olivia, one of the most wonderful people I've had the honor of knowing"
  • Samantha Reyes
  • John Sullivan
  • Robert Hill
  • Sharon & Sam Kricun
  • Michael & Nancy Young
  • Richard & Janet DeCoster

In memory of June Lowenthal

  • Jody Lowenthal

In honor of Clarice Martorelli

  • Ken Martorelli

To help with the costs of supplies needed to do 3D printing of PPE in support of our local healthcare workers._

  • Peter Makris
  • S. Eisenberg
  • Dorian Gray
  • M. Irene Spaletto
  • Stacy Palmisano
  • Helen Galan
  • Sarah Carson
  • Pamela Hines
  • Debora Hogan
  • Mark Moon
  • Carol Lazarski - In honor of my favorite nurse, Mary Coughlin.
  • Bimal Goel
  • Carol Labedz
  • Karen Flavin
  • Mary Paxson
  • Karen Swanson
  • Jean Stovall
  • Kaye & Dick Ruddy

In memory of Rob Vuillaume

  • Gift of Carl Foundation, Inc.

In memory of Helene Cox

  • Roberta & Clayton Klein
  • John Hempill
  • Barbara Hempill
  • Ken & Sara Heike and Elizabeth & Phil Callahan
  • Karen Blackful
  • Rod & Deb Feak
  • Donna Barrows

In honor of Darien Woman's Club

  • Anonymous

In memory of Albina O'Kelly

  • Laura McInerney

In memory of Nancy Clinite

  • The Tamarack Bunco Gals

In memory of JoAnne Dibbern

  • Caryl Schaer

In memory of Romualda "Bebe" Kistinger

  • Peck family

In memory of Jean Gorski

  • Friday Canasta Club

In memory of Jean Kadow

  • Woman's Society of First Congregational Church of Western Springs

In memory of Beatrix Lawrence

  • Dana & Gail Lawrence
  • Megan & Noah Lawrence

In memory of Betty Stock

  • Hinsbrook Book Club

In memory of Carl & Rob Vuillaume

  • Vuillaume Family

In loving memory of Fred Sauers

  • Linda Roberts

In memory of Helen Rose Buck

  • Kathy Weidner

In memory of Jenny

  • JoAnn, Jim Jr., & Jeffrey Fiolka

In memory of Marge & Dick Bode

  • Anne Kuldanek

In memory of Laurence Schaer

  • Caryl Schaer

In loving memory of Dr. Sigrid L. Peterson

  • Alyssa Popowitch

In loving memory of Ramona Weigus

  • Isabel Schuurman & book club

In honor of Irene Kocjan

  • Gary & Lynn Engelmann

In memory of Irene Kocjan

  • Joan McGady

In memory of Irene & Joseph Kocjan

  • Keith Krupicka

In memory of Joseph "Larry" Barder

  • Barbara Barder

In memory of Randy Cevela

  • Beatrice Cevela

In memory of Jeanne Marie Hotchkin

  • Brian Hotchkin

In memory of Anne Vesely

  • Darien Garden Club

In memory of Beatrix Lawrence

  • Kids & Teens Department

In memory of Mary Ellen Gricus

  • Anthony L. Gricus

In memory of Kelly Evan Lopresti

  • Debbie Evan
  • Evan Lopresti

In memory of Carl F Gross

  • Candace Gross
  • David Jones
  • DiAnn Jones

In honor of Marie Sadowski

  • Garfield Ridge Accounting (Jim Moles)

In memory of Adrienne Zickus

  • Darien Garden Club

In memory of Rob Ogg

  • Caroline Leban

In memory of Violet Marie Fross

  • Julie Ann Behluli

In memory of Albie O'Kelly

  • Judy and Ken Kostal
  • Paula Thurman

In memory of Dr. George DeJong

  • Authentic Women Discussion Group

In memory of Lillian Lela Darien Woman's Club 2018

  • Darien Woman's Club

In honor of Jim Garling's 80th Birthday

  • Sally Balle

In memory of Bill Erikson

  • Vivi-Anne Erikson

In honor of The Wall Family

  • Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Wall

In memory of Edward Kopriva

  • Marion Kopriva

In loving memory of Verl E. Headley Ph.D

  • Mary Headley

In honor of Barbara Duda

  • Linda Cox

In memory of Kelly Evan Lopresti

  • Friends of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Evan

In memory of Richard L. Kleifgen

  • Margaret Kleifgen

In memory of Roger Gilley

  • Susanna Murphy

In honor of Emily Mary Michaels

  • Mary Ostrowski

In honor of Sandra Hendricks

  • Judy Hendricks

In memory of Daniel J. Diaz

  • J. Diaz Family

In memory of Marie Sadowski

  • Joseph Sadowski
  • Maria L. Sadowski

In memory of Elizabeth Nelson

  • AIG Compliance and GLCR Leadership
  • Stefanie Chorak
  • Karen Nelson
  • Kathleen Nelson
  • Michael Nelson
  • Nan Jean & William Tessendorf
  • Christy Turner
  • Marlene Weigel

In memory of Fred Bone

  • Mary Pat Bone

In memory of Edwin J. Olsen, Jr.

  • Patti and Matt Billings, The Moeda Board
  • Laura Huff

In memory of Ed Sadowski

  • Robert & Winifred Bade
  • Elaine & Jim Brunoldi
  • Cari Bucci & Sims Hulings
  • Tobin Freid
  • Garfield Ridge Accounting by Jim Moles
  • Deborah Garvey
  • Louis & Tammy Izaguirre
  • Joanne Jones
  • Arthur & Martha Kubin Jr.
  • Liana Lamont
  • Good Worx Inc. by Cynthia McGann
  • Judith Herman
  • Kennedy Mathew
  • Bernard & Margaret McAndrew
  • John & Temmy Beth Mahoney
  • D. J. & G. E. Mokry
  • Raymond & Ellen Nowak
  • Gary & Mary Beth Owano
  • Fred Page
  • Dean Robbins & Ann Shaffer
  • Judith Siers-Poisson
  • Charles & Dolores Timko
  • Pat & Liz Tanner
  • Dan & Brigid Scheffler

In memory of Beatrix Lawrence

  • Sue & Jeff Goldsmith

In memory of James "Jim" McPherson

  • Bonnie Bell

In memory of Webster and Corinne Paton

  • Deborah Paton

In memory of Patricia Wilk

  • Gloria Clancy

In memory of Andrew Zavatjian

  • Jack Demirgian

In memory of Ronald W. Gancarczyk

  • Mary Kay Shaulis

In memory of Richard Henry

  • David Dolar

In memory of Rosemary Larsen Eggert

  • IPPL staff

In memory of Kurt Larson

  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hart

In memory of Erv Sirovy

  • Richard Tlapa

In memory of Gus Anselone

  • Marianne Anselone

In memory of Amiya Nath

  • Antara Nath Rivera

In memory of Anton & Anna Jokolis

  • Ann Markus

In memory of Scott Arnold

  • Gale Dyskie

In memory of Auntie Pat

  • Karin Sidney

In memory of Cindie Hagen

  • Darien Woman's Club

Chan Memorial Fund_

  • Keith & Pamela Derstine

In memory of Walt Krolczyk

  • Sandra Trapp

In memory of Michael E. Merriman

  • Cheryl Darien

In memory of Vidyavati

  • Girish Sharma

In memory of Ram D. Sharma

  • Girish Sharma

In memory of Nancy C. Battaglia

  • Odelia Borkovec

In memory of Rosemarie Kampwirth

  • Mary Krekelberg

In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Auge

  • Mary Krekelberg

In memory of Charles Straka

  • Elizabeth Stuart

In memory of Pat Sailer

  • Reading Between the Vines Book Club & Raymond Krusinski

In memory of Nancy Battaglia

  • Doris Hanke

In memory of Barbara Summers

  • Library Trustees

In memory of Annie Bukovac

  • Library Trustees

In memory of Jack Thomsen

  • Cross Country Investors
  • IPPL Staff
  • Barb & Bruce Simak

In memory of Joe Golab

  • IPPL Staff

In memory of David Schilling

  • Louise Schilling

In memory of Nijole Marija Dargis

  • Liu Dargis

In memory of Sharon Both

  • Darien Woman's Club

In memory of Mike Lazarski

  • Carol Lazarski

In memory of Eric Schmid

  • Jean Schmid

In memory of Patrick Kieran Flaherty

  • Sarah O'Neil

In memory of Bill Bortman

  • Priscilla Bortman

In honor of Jamie and Steve Bukovac

  • William & Betty Peterson

In honor of Madison Marie Corella

  • Lindsey Carpino

In honor of Cassidy, Carly, Camryn and Caitlyn Sattler

  • Susan Sattler

In honor of Jane Adair

  • Patricia Adair

In honor of Michael & Lea Kipnis

  • Mr. & Dr. Alexander Kipnis

In honor of Meredith McCarthy

  • Andrea Senese

In honor of JoAnn Fiolka

  • Jim Fiolka

In honor of Betty Martin

  • Nancy Martin

In honor of Theodore Sankey

  • Bruce Wright

In honor of The Starosta Family

  • Barbara Barder

In honor of Edwin Olsen

  • Robert & Kathleen Greulich

In honor of Judy Hendricks

  • Duane & Sandy Hendricks